Salem State Students Unite to Fight Cancer


By Harry Watson

On Friday, April 7th, students of Salem State University, united at the Rockett Arena to raise money for the fight against cancer. The school’s first ever Relay for Life was hosted by the Salem State chapter of Colleges Against Cancer and lasted from 6 pm to 6 am. The campaign was led by Julia Marshall (President), Matt Eckhardt (Vice President), Brian Perrin (Treasurer) and Brady Magrath (Secretary).

The club’s main goal was to help those who are either battling against cancer or have lost a loved one to the disease. At around 10 pm, students participated in a vigil ceremony, called a Luminaria. The ceremony consisted of a silent walk around the track in remembrance for those who have lost their lives to Cancer. After the Luminaria, there were events such as a Zumba fitness workout, a pageant and a Build-A-Bear workshop. In addition to this, students walked laps around the track to raise money.

Salem State students walking to raise money for Relay for Life

The event featured performances from artists and bands such as Pitch Craft, Andrew Marshall and RTD, with music and broadcasting  provided by the DJ’s at WMWM 91.7 FM, (Cassie Riva, Daniel Darmody, Paul Miranda, Tal Rimoni, Shawn Provencher, Harry Watson, Kiah Rose and Kyle Talbot). The event was also attended by several Salem State Greek organizations: Theta Phi Alpha, Phi Sigma Sigma and Alpha Sigma Phi.

WMWM DJ’s:(Bottom Left to Right) Daniel Darmody, Tal Rimoni, Cassie Riva, (Top Left to Right: Harry Watson, Kiah Rose, Paul Miranda)

At the end of the night Colleges Against Cancer-SSU raised 40,765 dollars for the Relay for Life organization. President Julia Marshall had the following comment “Overall, I think we had a wonderful event. We raised $40,765 and the money is still coming in! I think we exposed the Salem State community to Relay for Life in such a positive way. Our participants were active all through the night; they cried, celebrated and fought back against this horrible, horrible disease. I can’t wait for Relay to become an annual event at Salem State and I truly feel like it has the potential to be.”

If you would like to make a donation to the Relay for Life Organization, please contact Julia Marshall or any member of the Colleges Against Cancer club at Salem State. For more information about Relay for Life at Salem State University, visit


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