WMWM Sings Its Heart Out


Written by Marcos Huacon

Karaoke night always brought together many individuals to sing their lungs out and have a blast without any judgment or stress. On April 6th, WMWM took some time away from their broadcasts to host their own karaoke night The station managed to capture the fantastic energy of the singers, and the crowd, into our small little Starbucks here on Salem State Central Campus. With a full house and a line eager for the mic, the crowd waited patiently for unique reproductions of famous hits like; Centuries by Fall Out Boy (sung by Patrick Kirkwood) ,  ferocious pop song Fergalicious, by Fergie (Sung by Ryan Bartlett and Robert Francis),  Forget You By, Cee Loo Green (Sung by Ashley Atkins) and  Ace of Spades by Motörhead (Sung by Jonathan Cwiok) which all left the crowd in great applauds. Along with these spectacular acts were fun collaborations with several DJ’s such as Elton John’s Don’t Go Breaking My Heart sung by station president Cassie Riva and SSU Alumni James Peddle.

DJ Becky Siefkin and friend Jill Neault in line to sing

WMWM would like to thank everyone for their the support from the Salem State community If you happened to miss the excitement, look out for any upcoming posts around campus or on WMWM’s Facebook page for new information! WMWM welcomes anyone and everyone to their next Karaoke night with hopes to see more familiar faces take the stage and dazzle the crowd.


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