WMWM September Meeting and Elections

By Daniel Darmody


On Tuesday September 12th, WMWM had their first general body meeting of the new year! The crowd was full of new faces and lots of energy and excitement for this new year. Many things about our equipment and the schedule were discussed, leading to some updates to our schedule. As we geared up for WMWM’s new year, we had to discuss that two new positions were open for election, Program Director (also known as VP) and Public Relations Director.


For Program Director, Daniel Darmody and Elycea Almodovar is running.


For Public Relations Director, Casey Jones, Paul Miranda, and Tal Rimoni are running.


Below are statements that were prepared by the candidates about their candidacy and what they would like to do if elected for the roll.

Elycea Almodovar: “Well my name is Eli I like long walks on the beach and listening to jams, I did WMWM for a year and a half before I took a semester off and I was still involved in my show from 1343 miles away, I have super tunnel vision so when I get focused on something I get hyper focused and will get it done. I listen to all kinds of music so I can relate to nearly anyone’s taste, I use to mix my own music. I think being VP would be great for me because I can get things done quickly and have fun while doing it. I also have three dogs and will constantly post dogo pics.”


Daniel Darmody: “Hello everyone, I am happy to announce my run for Program Director, also known as Vice President, to everyone! For those of you who are new, I have been with WMWM for almost 3 years, getting my start into radio with Shawn Squared and eventually getting to my current show, Double D’s. I have been working for WMWM throughout that time, and am honored to have been able to help with events and building the current website. As your Vice President, I want to push for what you want to see done in the station and want to represent you, with us all working together to better the station. Thanks!”


Casey Jones: “Hi Guys! For those who are new and don’t know me, I’m Casey and I’m running for Public Relations Director. I’ve been working in the Graphic Arts for going on 6 years now and Photography for 3 years. I feel like this tied in with my certification in InDesign and my Art Education major and Residence Life position, that I am able to help the station grow and work with a team. I hope all of you have a  wonderful semester! Thank you, Casey”


Paul Miranda: “Need something done? Paul is the man for the job. People know him as a renaissance man, wearing many hats. Having a background in business, marketing, and graphic design, he is well equipped to take on the challenges ahead. Having made a number of donations to the station and hosted a large group of fellow DJs for free at the movie theater, he hopes to create a stronger Club, network of DJs, and a better WMWM 91.7”


Tal Rimoni: “Hi everyone, my name is Tal Rimoni and I would love to run for PR Director. I have been a DJ at WMWM for three years and last semester I was PR Director for the station. If I am PR Director, I plan to reach out to clubs, businesses and bands to broaden our connections, I want to help DJs promote their shows, and I overall want to help the station to the best of my abilities. I have more ideas that I still want to do that I was unable to do last semester due to time constraints. Please vote me for WMWM’s PR Director. Thank you!”

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