WMWM DJ Problems

By Harry Watson

Let’s face it, being a WMWM DJ isn’t always the easiest job, so here’s a list of the Top 10 Struggles of being a DJ:

1. Being new

You just passed your board test and you’ve just been certified as a new DJ, the world is your oyster! But wait! It’s your first show and you suddenly forgot everything

2. The FCC

It’s my show so why can’t I say whatever the *@!$&% I want to? Because the FCC, that’s why!

3. Multitasking

Don’t you just love when the phone is ringing and you only have one minute to put that song info into the metadata while having to make sure no swears go out on air?

“91.7 WMWM Salem, how can I help you?”

4. Early morning shows

You got up at the crack of dawn to go do your 8 AM show to find the station door locked. Will the Salem State Police Department get here in time for your show?

5. Leaving your late night show

On the other end of the spectrum, don’t you just love walking through the dark abyss of the Ellison basement after your 10 to Midnight show? Don’t worry now thing is gonna jump out at you.


6. Playing Long songs

But this song is so good! Why can’t I play it without those mandatory ad breaks?

7. Leftover Food

Yo, can you not leave pizza grease all over the soundboard? Gross!

8.Wondering if anyone but your mom is actually listening to your show

How many Facebook posts and texts to your friends does it take to get someone who will listen to you?

9. Not knowing what to talk about

“Hi, I’m gonna awkwardly stall so that I can prevent dead air”

10. Trying to be the next Ryan Seacrest

Not everyone is born to be a star…

Despite all the struggles of being a DJ, you love what you do so give yourself a gold star!

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