WMWM Student Elections 2018

WMWM’s next General Body meeting will take place tomorrow and will have huge implications for the future of the station! It is election time and voting for the WMWM eboard will occur at tomorrow’s meeting–with an additional voting day on April 11th for those who cannot attend. Here are this year’s nominees:

For General Manager, Daniel Darmody and Hannah Newcombe were nominated.


For Program Director, Casey Jones and Katie Coffey were both nominated.


For Treasurer, Annabelle Dionne was nominated.


For Secretary, Kayma Snook, Michaela Normand, and Olivia Winn were nominated.


For Public Relations, Kiah Heron was nominated.


For Music Director, Katie Coffey, Kayma Snook, Michaela Normand, Olivia Winn, and Robert Beatty were all nominated.

In addition, these nominees gave the following statements for their candidacies:

Daniel Darmody: “My name is Dan Darmody, though you might know me as Double D. Rather than tell you how I have been a DJ for 3 years or how I’ve volunteered for many events like Relay For Life and Haunted Happenings or how I helped our station to get to get its transmitter functioning again this year, I could tell you how I would like to benefit the station as WMWM’s next President.


My goals for the station are as follows:

  1. Make the station safer for all members by working closely with University Police
  2. Improve communication of E-board and between the General Body
  3. Bring more opportunities to DJ’s by reaching out to student organizations
  4. Allow DJ’s to have a voice in our station at both meetings and through once a month open e-board meetings (no appointment necessary 🙂 )
  5. Reach out to Chartwells to have our music played and more!


My sincerest hope is that WMWM can become the fun, safe, inclusive, environment that it is meant to be and you can help make this a reality by voting me for President.”


Hannah Newcombe: “My name is Hannah Newcombe. I am really excited to be running for President this upcoming year. I have put in countless hours into the radio station since my Freshman year. I have worn multiple hats on the eboard including Treasurer and Music Director. It has been my mission to revamp the entire automation for the radio. I have worked to recruit new djs, host events and help keep our station to its core values of being an eclectic, alternative radio. I find my self often stepping up in the radio during times of need and I feel like I can bring great passion and creative ideas to better enhance the station. During my time in the station I have been keeping record of all my ideas and events I would like to hopefully do next year. I want to bring the station back to our roots and be a great widespread media to campus and beyond!”


Casey Jones: “Hello! I’m Casey, and I’m running for the Vice President positions on 91.7 WMWM Salem’s eboard. The reason why I’m running for Vice President and not PR Director, is because I feel like I could have a greater impact as Vice President. One of the first things I would like to stress, is that I want to help create a proactive rather than a reactive eboard. Being proactive, would help us create backup plans, run smoother events, and help us to be able to communicate with the general body.


Communication is the next point I would like to stress. I believe that as an aboard we should be sending out weekly or biweekly emails to the general body, with updates, news, and sign up sheets for events.


While on the topic of events, I want to the eboard to communicate with other clubs, like Colleges Against Cancer and Program Council to create joint events. This would help both of the participating clubs get their name out more, create joint budgets for events, and pull in people that support the participating clubs.

These are only a couple of things I would like to create and enforce, out of many. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or message me!”


Katie Coffey: “Hi all, it’s your current Music Director, Katie. Being on a college eboard has been such a rewarding experience and I would love to further that as Program Director. This past year I have worked to update our stations musical catalog to solidify our alternative (to the top 40) sound. As P.D. I would love the opportunity to work with our DJ’s to create the best possible show programming and through that entice more listeners. Along with this I will make myself an available resource for any DJ having issues technically or personally. WMWM has become a home to me and I only wish to bring it to it’s full potential. I love radio and hope to one day pursue a career in the field. For these reasons I hope you will consider voting for me as your 2018/19 Program Director.”


Annabelle Dionne: “As treasurer, I will create a responsible, practical budget to ensure utmost effectiveness. I will adhere to the guidelines of the radio club and Salem State University for fiscal responsibility and compliance, ensuring fair and equitable distribution of funds. I am experienced in handling large budgets and fiscal decision making, and would love to put the skills I have acquired to use for WMWM.”


Kayma Snook: “Hello! My name is Kayma Snook and this is my first year at the station. I run a show called Mademoiselle Madness that airs from 12-1 on Tuesdays! I am running for secretary and music director and I would be thrilled with either positions, because I am passionate about the strength of the station as well as music in general! I’m always open to new sounds, yet value the eclectic nature of our station and want to work to keep it authentic and quality! Thank you!”


Michaela Normand: “Hi, I’m Michaela Normand and I’m happy to say that I am running for secretary and music director for WMWM.  In my time at the station I’ve felt like my music taste has expanded and has included many new and different genres. I want to help the station reach its fullest potential on and off campus.  I will work to make the station become more widely known on campus, include a wider variety of music, and create a more organized system for the station.


I am aware of the work Hannah has been doing the past two years and I really want to continue that by growing and expanding the automation and catering it more to the djs we have at the station and help to keep the mission statement of the station alive of being an alternative station.”


Olivia Winn: “I’m running for both music director and secretary. Ideally I would like to be music director, as I’ve have the experience of being assistant music director for the past year and have enjoyed it a lot. It’s been great going through submissions and I would love to continue to do that as well as be able to enter them into the automation, and add more local artists and alternative music along with them. I would also be interested in including brief clips of talk shows, spoken word, and fiction into the automation to add some diversity to our sound. We have a great creative writing, political science, and general arts community on campus that I think would be awesome to tap into and record. I would enjoy being involved as secretary as well. I’m a good note-taker, have experience from my office job in creating excel sheets and organizing information, and would love to contribute my ideas to radio events. This is a wonderful community and I’m excited for another year of being involved regardless of the election results!”


Kiah Heron: “Hello my name is Kiah Heron, I am a junior at SSU majoring in PR Communications and have been part of the WMWM community since my first semester at Salem. My experience in radio started my senior year of high school when I worked at a popular mainstream radio station called Fun107 based out of the south coast of Massachusetts. It was here that I learned the ins and outs of what makes radio so amazing and how to successfully work in broadcasting. I feel that WMWM has a lot of potential to make an impact on the community and hold events that bring Salem State together along with drawing more attention to what our station has to offer and that is why I am running for public relations at WMWM.”


Robert Beatty: “Hey, my names Rob and I’m running for Music Director. Obviously, loving music should be a requirement for this position, but I feel I should mention how important it is to me anyways. I have always loved music and I know I can use it to help WMWM. I’m friends with a multitude of local musicians for our live shows, along with the singer and guitarist for Animal Flag who has toured with Sorority Noise, Great Grandpa and Citizen.

It also definitely helps that I live with the two current Music Directors and have learned the basics and structure of the job already. I’m excited for this position and really want to help out the station. Thank you all and hopefully I get the chance to work with all of you.”

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