Boston Burger Company Brings Burgers and Frappes to the Extreme

Boston Burger Company was a new addition to the Salem area this fall when they opened a location at 133 Washington Street. The opening of the restaurant was highly anticipated and talked up throughout social media and local news before the opening on October 15th. The company has gotten its fair share of praises, being named to Esquire’s list of the “most over-the-top burger” in every state. They have also received equally high praise for their frappes and milkshakes.

            The restaurant is located right in the heart of Salem among may other restaurants. When we got there on a Tuesday night we found it surprisingly busy. The décor is very Salem-esq with a giant Ouija board on the wall, spelling out ‘Boston Burger Company’. When my roommate and I decided to go out for dinner we weren’t really looking to spend heaps of money and didn’t think a burger place would be too crazy. Although much to our surprise the menu was a little pricey for two college students.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Burger

            Sarah ended up skipping out on getting a burger and went with a veggie panini, which to her delight was very good. The sandwich went for $13.50 which wasn’t too bad, and kind of normal for the area. I decided to go the burger rout and be a little more elaborate by ordering the “whiskey tango foxtrot burger” which had pulled pork, mac & cheese, onion ring, pickles, and bbq sauce. The burger cost me $16.50 which was a little pricey for a burger but it had a lot of toppings so I was willing to spend the extra few dollars. My burger was absolutely amazing and the strange combination of toppings seemed to work just perfectly together. The mac and cheese really pulled down the intensity of the bbq sauce. Honestly, I could have had the whole sandwich without the burger itself and it still would have been delicious.

Churro-ly We Can Taco Bout It #freakfrappe

            After we finished our meals, and yes, we finished he whole thing despite its enormous serving size, we decided we must try one of the widely talked about #freakfrappes. These frappes not only have the ice cream, but the class is coated with goodies and most have something else to go along with them. Ours, had a churro. We went with the “churro-ly we can taco bout it” #freakfrappes which was a caramel frappe with a Choco Taco, churros, caramel and chocolate syrup, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal. We decide to split it because we both just ate a huge meal. This frappe was one of the most extravagant foods I have ever seen and it was crazy to think they make these along with running the entirety of the restaurant.  The frappe alone was $15.00 and we could barely finish it because we were so full but the flavor did not disappoint. The churro was a great tool to dip into the frappe and the caramel shake was the perfect consistency.

            Though Boston Burger Company was more expensive than anticipated, the raved about burgers and #freakfrappes did not disappoint. Everything at Boston Burger Company was full of flavor and it’s no doubt it will become, if it hasn’t already, one of the more popular casual eateries in town.

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