Baseball’s Back

Baseball season is here and the defending World Series champions Boston Red Sox started their season in Seattle while they are on an eleven-game road trip against the Mariners. After watching the Red Sox lose this series by only winning one out of the four games in Seattle some people say that the Red Sox need to make major moves. I believe that there is no need to panic and change the team around especially when they are only four games into the season. If the team needs to make any changes for any reason I believe that it should be done in May or June. That way the current team has a chance to iron out the issues they have, but it also gives the team enough time to get the necessary players. While the team only lost terribly in the first game when the lost 12-4 during the other two loses the offense was able to rally late in game to get within one or two runs. While I was watching the games one thing that I noticed that didn’t change was the Red Sox offense was able to take advantage of situations which allowed them to stage a comeback. Although the starting pitchers for the sox struggled in this series. I firmly believe that they will be able to turn it around and we will see the stunning performances that we saw last season. It also helps that during the season the team was able to sign two key players to long term contract expansions with Chris Sale signing a five-year deal and Xander Bogaerts signing a six-year deal. I fully expect this team to get rid of the rust that they may still have from the offseason and repeat the amazing season we saw last year and become back to back World Series champions.   

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