March means madness

March is here and it’s a glorious time of year for a sports fan. March means that opening day for the MLB is right around the corner, the final push for a playoff spot in the NBA and the NHL has started however, more importantly March means the start of March Madness. It’s the tournament that can break your heart and your bracket at any moment. This year has already had many heart breaking games and potential bracket busting games. We got to see the 12 seed Liberty upset the 5 seed Mississippi State, we also saw the 13 seed UC Irvin upset the 4 seed Kansas State, but while everyone gets excited over the idea of a potential Cinderella story to happen I believe that the NCAA champion will be Duke. Duke was able to recruit four five star players and three of them are projected to be drafted within the first ten picks of the first round of next year’s NBA draft. There starting lineup has three players who are averaging double digits in points and two of them are averaging over twenty points. Duke has a lineup that is all trying to achieve a common goal and that is to win it all. Some teams have players who act like they are only trying to get to the NBA, but Duke has a lineup that when I see them play I see a group of players who want to win this championship. This team is being coached by one of the greatest coaches in college history Coach K who is the all-time winningest coach in college basketball with an overall record of 1056 wins and only 284 losses as the coach of Duke. With the talent that is presented through the roster and the coaching talent with Coach K I firmly believe that Duke will steam roll through any team that stands in there way and that we will see Duke victorious at the end of the tournament.

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