Gulu Gulu Café: The Bohemian Outpost Embodying the Essence of Salem

In the heart of Salem, tucked right behind the “Bewitched” statue, Gulu Gulu Café is full of the spirit of Salem. Gulu is a great spot to settle down for a bite to eat, a pint, and great entertainment. 

Marie Feldmannova and her husband, Steve Feldmann opened their first Gulu Gulu Cafe in Lynn in 2005 and then Gulu Gulu you know today opened in 2007. The establishment is named after a café Prague where the couple met and the quirky name fits right in with the quirky vibe of the café in Lapins Park.

It is difficult to figure out exactly what to call Gulu, as it is kind of a motley mix of boho vibes. The eccentric cocktail menu, alternating pints, and consistent live performances all mix together to form a unique night life scene. As Steve Feldmann told North Shore Magazine;

“When we first started out, I don’t think people knew what to make of us.  We have music, but we aren’t a club, we have food, but we aren’t really a restaurant, and when people used to say ‘cafe,’ they would think Starbucks.  We definitely aren’t Starbucks”

The food at Gulu is definitely a treat and goes right along with the expansive drink menu of beer, coffee and cocktails. All of the offerings focus on a wholesome, veggie-friendly assortment of sandwiches and soups along with their well-known crepe menu full of sweet and savory fillings.

If you are looking for just the right amount of distraction in the form of free Wi-Fi, beer, coffee or local musicians you can find it right at Gulu Gulu Café in downtown Salem whether it is 8:00 am or midnight.

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