The Filibusters

September 7, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Who are the Filibusters? They’re two students at Salem State University who have a common interest in politics, and want to inform others through discussions and debates on a plethora of topics that aren’t always political.

Genre: Talk

Meet your Filibusters:
Domenic DeMasi is a history major with a minor in geopgraphy. He is a socialist and an aspiring historian/journalist. His research interests are focused on the Middle East and Latin America. Outside of history and politics, Domenic likes listening to hard rock and heavy metal and eating pizza.
Andrew Carden is a political science major, pursuing a career in activism/government. He is most like a libertarian. His interests are focused on the Constitution/Bill of Rights, fighting for individual freedoms, and striving for a more peaceful cooperation of peoples. Outside of politics, Andrew is primarily a fan of swing music and older rock, and likes shooting guns and petting cats.

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